The Golfing Greens Match The Galvin Green Waterproof Jacket Rather Nicely

  • Conrad
  • December 4, 2017
  • Galvin Green
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Well, that may just be a matter of coincidence, really. Of course, your favorite golfing greens are rather lush and green. The course designers and custodians have seen to that. St Andrews is always green, at any time of the year. Around the corner from the home of golf is the equally famous stockist of your cherished green galvin green waterproof jacket. But is wearing a green, green jacket really practical at this point in time?

Instead of being utterly inconspicuous, why not go for lime green instead. Or plain or off-white. Don’t be unsporting and don’t go in for scarlet red. You do not wish to distract your opponents from their putting or driving with that bright glare of yours. Of course, if that is your cup of tea, you will be noticed, without a doubt. But undoubtedly, do not be surprised when you are forlornly moving from one link to the other all alone with only your favorite clubs for company.

Be cool and fashionable with a stylish galvin green waterproof jacket in black. Be a man in black, but do practice your crucial putts, otherwise what is the point and who will notice by the time you have arrived in the club house. Make sure your cleats are properly screwed on. Put your thinking caps on, chaps, and consider your attire rather well for your game of golf. Yes, by all means, do be fashion conscious, that is part of the game.

galvin green waterproof jacket

It is a gentleman’s game after all, and you do wish to look your respectable best. Respect your opponents and respect the occasion. Also respect the club you are visiting. Match your garmin green jacket nicely with the rest of your kit. But do make sure that the waterproof jacket fits you comfortably and does not pose encumbrances when you need to make your swing or sink your birdie. Yes, be ambitious.

Why not go for another birdie? Why be average? Why always settle for par. That’s below par thinking, wouldn’t you agree. And that’s the nice thing about having a functional waterproof jacket for your golf attire. You wish to spend more time out practicing so that you can make more birdies and be the best in the clubhouse. So, do not let the drizzle hold your practice up. The jacket will be keeping you warm and dry in any case.

How green is my valley is a fine book to read. You would be quite proud of this if you were a true Welshman. As a Scotsman, on the other hand, you should be rather proud that it is your valleys that first saw the light of day where golfing greens and fairways were concerned. Oh, alright then, enough dreaming. Time for a spot of online shopping. Then it is off to the fairway and the driving range we must go. Because practice what we preach we must.