Finding Your Best Darts Grip

  • Conrad
  • November 30, 2017
  • Darts
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You’re ready to play your best darts game.  Or at least you want to be.  First you’ll have to pick out what sort of darts are best for you.  Before you even get to that point though, you need to know how you’re going to grip the darts.  Doing that can be as easy as picking up a pencil and moving it around until the most comfortable position is found.

In order to play the best darts, here are a few handy tips on how to find your perfect grip.

1.    Relaxed Yet Solid

Your grip should be stable and firm, while not flexing the muscles in your fingers.  If your fingers are white or start to become sore, your grip is way too tight.  You aren’t trying to manhandle the dart.  It’s not a game of force, but rather one of finesse.  You want to hold the dart gently.  Hold it just tight enough so it won’t slip out of your fingers. 

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2.    Use 3 Fingers

Or more.  The more fingers you use; the more control you’ll have over your dart.  Three is the minimum.  Keep in mind that if you use more than three, releasing the dart with precision becomes increasingly difficult.  You’ll have to coordinate all those fingers to release at the same time.  The slightest misstep and your throw could be thrown off course.  Finger coordination is paramount to an accurate shoot.

3.    The Shape of Your Barrel

Not all grips work on all barrels.  Larger barrels will not work well with someone who uses more than three fingers.  Longer barrels require more fingers, while shorter need less.  You’ll have to experiment with your grip and barrel choice in order to discover the right combination for your style.

4.    No Fisting

This can apply to so many aspects of life, but let’s stay on topic.  The fingers that are not part of your grip, should easily part from the ones that are doing the work.  If you’re using the classic three finger grip, your pinky and ring finger should be held aloft from the others.  Otherwise you’re putting undue strain on the muscles in your hand.  This will result in a bad release and less accuracy.

Once you have your grip down, you’re ready to stand at the line a toss a few darts.  Set your eye, dart, and target in a line.  The foot that corresponds to your shooting hand should be forward as well.  When you make the throw, keep your body two-dimensional and strive to move as little as possible.

Your weight should rest mostly on your forward foot, with the back just there to support and balance you.  Someone should be able to shake you by the shoulders and not knock you over.  You need to stand strong.

The more you lean forward, the closer you’ll be to the board and the less effort you’ll need to wield when shooting.  Leaning back will throw off your shoot and be less accurate.  Don’t lean forward too much or you’ll hurt your back.  Don’t lift your feet from the ground either. 

Now throw and have fun!